Belinda Bach started fooling around with cameras at a very young age.  When she was little she frequently spent her allowance on 35mm film and used her father’s automatic Minolta to shoot anything that tickled her childish fancy.  She often photographed family functions, vacations, and on a trip to Disney World, would not allow the adults to pull the camera away from her.  She also loved to set up elaborate sets in her bedroom using sheets as backdrops and desk lamps for lighting.  Many adults were astonished by her natural flair and she was encouraged to use the camera whenever she pleased.

Michael Branson has been messing around with cameras as a serious hobby for about 16 years. Only recently with the formation of Klick Klash did he begin putting his talents to use professionally.  Starting out with a little 110 box camera and working his way up to the brilliance you see here, Michael has honed his skills as a serious photographer and is able to produce amazing and captivating images.    “I love photography! To capture that emotion, that instant, and to freeze time as it were.” Michael specializes in a variety of services ranging from event photography and candid photos, to pet and animal portraiture, and breathtaking landscape photography.