Price Info:

The prints we are offering for SWRE and the Camarilla members are of the highest quality.The prices we are offering are lower than our typical rates, and have been designed specifically for this event.We want to give you the most boom for your buck.Our prices have been carefully considered to take you, our customer into consideration, and so we have specially rated our already low prices for this type of specialty event photography and portraiture, and driven them down as low as we can go.


Print Info:


Although the preset packages do not include custom print prices, we are happy to accommodate you in any way that we can.If one of our packages is ideal for your price range, but you would like to add prints of a different size or receive duplicates, we are happy to help you.In this instance, prices will be figured on the spot and we will add the additional cost to an existing package.



One of our photographers is also a professional make-up artist, and should you like, she will touch up hair and make-up during the shoot at no extra cost.If you request a full professional make-up session before the shoot, an additional charge of $10 will apply to your order.This is strictly meant to cover the time spent and products used.


We want you to be fully satisfied with your photos, and usually that means that people want to look their best.It is for this reason, and not for any sort of profit that we offer this service.



Because we do not have access to lab facilities at the event, all orders (including strictly digital orders) must be shipped.An additional fee of $5 Shipping and Handling will be applied to each order, and you can expect to receive your prints between 2-3 weeks after the event.Any shipping outside of the U.S. will cost $15.All shipping will be handled via USPS, and will be sent via priority mail and insured.


Should your order be lost, it will be sent a second time after insurance has been processed through the USPS.In this case, there may be a slight delay in receipt of your order.Please be patient in the case of this highly unlikely event.


Should you wish that your order be sent another way (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.), we are happy to accommodate, and will charge the rates of those companies.


WE ARE NOT PROFITING FROM S & H.The cost given is based solely on the cost to package, send and insure your photos.


The $5 will apply to every package sent.So if several people take group photos, and each person wants copies of photos split up and sent to different locations, the shipping fee will apply to each package sent.


Additional Digital Info:

As mentioned prior, all digital packages, including those which come with prints come with a CD-Rom Accessible data CD.If additional CDís are requested, they will be provided at an additional cost of $3 per CD.This includes professional labeling and packaging of the CD.CDís will be customized and personalized for each client or group.(Example:If you have photos taken of yourself and your Sabbat pack, each CD will bear the pack name, individualís name, and a brief content description.)Also included will be a catalogue number for our office uses.Should the CD be damaged or misplaced, all you have to do is give us the catalogue number, and we can look it up and burn a new Data CD for you!Itís that easy.


Although retouching and a digital ďperfection sessionĒ as we like to call them is included with each package, ask us about rates for doing special work (Like getting a second set of pictures with added effects such as Antiquing, Sepia Color, Blue Tone, or Black and White, edgy effects, soft edges, borders, and other similar effects), in addition to your set of originals.A nominal fee will be charged for this service, and the rate is based on the number of photos to be reworked.


These options are not available on Slide Film shoots.


Modelís Discount:

Our company is still expanding and growing our online portfolio.If an employee should ask you if you would be willing to allow us to use your photos on our website, we will offer 10% off the total cost of your order.


In order to take advantage of this discount, you must sign a model release form which clearly states you consent for us to use your image and likeness in our studioís portfolio.


Because we are looking for people and photos which reflect our overall style, not everyone will be asked.This has nothing to do with how attractive you are, or how spectacular your costumes may be.We may ask an individual for a very specific reason, which may be something as small as how that person shows up against a certain color backdrop, how nice they look in a particular color, or how interesting the overall effect of the photos which result from the shoot may be.